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Vision and Mission

//Vision and Mission
Vision and Mission 2018-03-18T10:16:10+02:00

Competitive Advantages

Geographical Distribution and Coverage

With outlets in all five regions of the Kingdom, Masdar and the Subsidiaries have a strong presence throughout the Kingdom and some of its key customer segments (such as homeowners and workshops) have easy access to a wide range of products.

The warehouses of Masdar are located next to the ports while the warehouses of the affiliates are strategically positioned with close proximity to the stores and the light industrial areas. The positioning of the warehouses and outlets in this manner ensures that transportation costs incurred are reduced to the minimum. Strategically located outlets reduce the delivery time ensuring prompt deliveries to end users/customers thus eliminating delays.

Vast Product Portfolio

Masdar and the Subsidiaries have a large variety of products which are used in the construction of buildings, homes, schools, and hospitals to name a few. The product portfolio ranges from Rebar steel and structural steel, door locks, door handles, power tools (such as saws and wrenches), consumables (such as glues and paint) to timber all of which are used in the construction industry.

Market Knowledge and Know How

Operating in the Kingdom for more than four decades, Masdar and its affiliates have developed a thorough understanding of factors that affect local and global demand and supply of building material products (such as any decrease in construction activity and volatility in the prices of raw materials used in the manufacturing of building materials products).

Masdar and its affiliates leverage their experience to strategically procure goods at competitive rates and market them in the Kingdom to customers at very competitive prices. Masdar and its affiliates have established their outlets in prime locations throughout the Kingdom such as Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh.

Masdar and the Subsidiaries possess a sound understanding of general market trends and local preferences which enable them to procure and offer products which are specifically suited to the needs and tastes of their customers. Customer preferences and tastes tend to vary within the different segments and more so with individual homeowners than workshops or small contractors. Knowledge of the local market allows Masdar and the Subsidiaries to cater to all segments of customers while keeping pace with any changing trends in the building materials industry.

Excellent Reputation

Masdar’s presence in the market dates back to 1971G and its growth and expansion across the Kingdom demonstrates the confidence that its customers have developed in the quality of its products and its strong business ethics over the years.

Longstanding relationships with suppliers and customers alike, Masdar is considered to be one of the leading names in the building materials industry in the Kingdom Management considers its reputation for quality, price competitiveness and the strength of its brands as the most important pillars of its strategy to counter the threat of proliferation of counterfeit or cheap building material products in the Kingdom.

Management further believes that selling quality products at competitive prices has enabled Masdar and its affiliates to establish themselves in the local market and they are less likely to be affected by lower quality or cheap products.

Ready Availability of Stocks

Masdar and its affiliates have the financial resources to procure sufficient levels of inventory at all times.This is evidenced by the numerous SKUs that they have, by way of example Masdar alone has 10,437 SKUs in its product portfolio. The SKUs are spread across the various regions in the Kingdom, which allows the company to hold adequate levels of inventory that management anticipates may be required to meet customer demand in a particular region.

Logistic and Delivery Capabilities

Masdar has its own transportation fleet which comprises more than 300 trucks, 70 cranes and 142 forklifts. This reduces the risks relating to dependence of Masdar on any third party logistics providers for the transport of its products from the warehouses to the outlets. Each of the affiliates also have their own transportation fleets. Having their own transportation vehicles enables Masdar and the Subsidiaries to efficiently deliver products from its central warehouses in each region to its customers while also ensuring that products are made available to customers in a timely manner.

Long Standing Relationship With Vendors

Masdar and the Subsidiaries deal with a number of suppliers {both local and international) for the procurement of different types of products. The suppliers are chosen on the basis of their ability to provide high quality items at competitive prices.

This diversity in supplier base means that neither Masdar nor any of its affiliates are overly dependent upon any one supplier for provision of products. If a particular supplier cannot meet the company’s requirements, they can use an alternate supplier. Furthermore, having number of suppliers to choose from allows us to obtain competitive prices for the products they sell and protects them against risks of supplier defaults and delays, which in turn enables them to remain competitive in the market.

Masdar enjoys marvelous relationship with their suppliers which has been in place for more than 20 years. For example Masdar’s relationship with Hadeed (Sabic) has been in place since 1987. Such long standing relationships have enabled Masdar and the Subsidiaries develop a strong understanding of its suppliers thereby allowing them to enhance their relationship with them while ensuring that they consistently procures quality products from such suppliers.

Strong Relationships With Clients

Masdar and its affiliates have developed and maintained long term relationships with their customers. Management’s success in developing these relationships is evidenced by the fact that a significant share of the company’s revenues over their operating history have resulted from recurring orders by customers.

The company and its affiliates were able to gain the trust of many of its VIP customers, such as Saudi Aramco. Masdar Building Materials & Masdar Technical supplies are on the approved suppliers list of Aramco.

Proficiency of Management and Staff

Masdar is managed by an experienced and dedicated management team with the average experience of the senior management being in excess of 15 years in the building materials industry. Furthermore, Masdar’s sales personnel receive “on hands – on the job” training on technical requirements and standards governing the industry. Its sales staff Is equipped with knowledge of building materials’ requirements for customers whether homeowners, wholesalers or workshops.

The management team places a lot of emphasis on all its personnel being diligent and efficient in executing their duties in relation to the business. This culture of diligence and efficiency particularly in the areas of procurement, suppliers and customers relations, productivity and employee excellence, has helped drive performance of Masdar and the Subsidiaries.

Organization Structure

Although each of the Subsidiaries report to the Managing Director/CEO of Masdar and the Board of Directors oversees the management of Masdar and the Subsidiaries, there is still a level of independence given to the board of managers of each Subsidiary for decision making. The board of managers have authority to make certain decisions (based on authority matrix) which reduces delays that are generally attributable to multiple levels of management within a group.

This structure allows for the management of each of the Subsidiaries to focus on meeting their individual objectives subject to guidance from the Managing Director/CEO and ensures that Masdar and the Subsidiaries work in tandem as a whole while the Managing Director/CEO’s involvement with all Subsidiaries ensures that the interests of all are aligned towards meeting common objectives.

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