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Meeting of eight standards officials to “Mowaamah”

//Meeting of eight standards officials to “Mowaamah”

Meeting of eight standards officials to “Mowaamah”

Coordinated by the eight standards officials of “Mowaamah”, the meeting was held on Wednesday June 26, 2019, at the office of public administration of “Masdar”, which lasted from 1:30 to 3:00 pm.

The meeting was attended by the Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Faisal Majid Al Muhaidib – and the Director of Human Resources – Yousef Al-Nuwaiser, and the staff of the department: Mrs. Shahd Nassar, Education and Development Supervisor, Mrs. Rehab Al-Zhaifi, Operations Manager, Bashair Fast – Employment Officer -, Mr. Fayez Al-Saeiri – Government Relations Officer Mohamed Omar (Systems Analyst), HR representatives and business partner from the Eastern and Western regions: Mrs. Sakina Al – Hamoud and Salem Bassouil, as well as IT and Legal Department Directors, Retail and Procurement. Because Masdar has specifically targeted the special needs group by highlighting the most important challenges it faces in the workplace and how to overcome all obstacles, it has to reinforce the success stories of some of its employees with motor and sensory disabilities, and to participate with the representatives of the two communities “DSCA” for Down syndrome in the presence of Mrs. Latifa Al-Radhi, Recruitment Officer, Ms. Basma Bahamid, Communication Officer, and the Society of Adult Disability. Dr. Saad Al-Qahtani, to discuss how to create workplaces for these different categories and train employees and employees to take into account the things that would promote a higher level of achievement of goals and objectives, as well as identify the sections and vacancies and job titles that are possible for people with special needs to work.

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